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Petroleum is significant energy in domestic economy. Compared with coal, petroleum has the characteristics of large energy density (heat of combustion of petroleum is higher 50% than standard coals with the same weight), convenient transportation, less pollution to air after combustion and so on. Fuel oil refined from petroleum is main fuel materials for transportation vehicles, utility boiler and all kinds of furnaces applied in metallurgical industry and construction materials industry. Liquefied gas and pipeline gas whose raw material is petroleum is excellent supply for city citizens’ life.
Wires and cables, as the electrical bridge for the electricity system of oil and gas exploration platform, has played significant role. Cables applied in petroleum industry have the following characteristics: harsh application conditions, large damage quantity, short placement cycle time. Its application conditions are similar with that for logging cables, most of which are applied for short-term. The application conditions are with high temperature and high pressure. According to the different areas of oil field, other conditions shall be taken into account, including geothermal gradient, hold pressure and borehole medium and so on.
Main products include ESP cables, high temperature pump cables, logging cable for medium and deep wells, cable for supreme deep well, submersible pump cables, logging cables with small diameter, comprehensive logging cables, perforated cable, heating cables, electrode system cable and ultrasonic oil production cables and so on. We invested $160 million to cooperate with GE on the production project of ESP cables in 2013. It is estimated that annual production capability of elevator and petroleum cable are 28 thousand meters. And it is estimated that sales quantity of ESP cables will hold 30% of the marketing shares of the similar products in global market and the annual production value is expected to reach RMB2.6 billion.