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Product description

Aluminium stranded wire and steel core aluminum stranded wire have the advantages of simple structure, convenient installation and maintenance, low cost, large transmission capacity, and also conducive to the special geographical conditions of rivers and valleys.

Product implementation standard

This product performs GB/T1179 equivalent to IEC61089 standard. The company can according to user needs, according to the DIN, BS, ASTM and other standards require the production of aluminum and steel core aluminum stranded wire. Also according to the customer's special need put forward section, structure and performance requirements, production of non - standard aluminium stranded wire and steel core aluminum strand wire product, according to the needs of users of different antiriot grades can be specified in the steel core aluminum stranded wire of arbitrary layer between uniform coating anticorrosive paint, in the production of anti-corrosion type steel core aluminum strand.

Material standard

AAC and ACSR with hard aluminum GB/T17048 (equivalent with IEC60889)

Steel core aluminum wire for galvanized steel IEC60888

According to the requirements of the user and the organization of the production of standard

Product performance

The electrical properties of aluminium stranded wire and steel core aluminum stranded wire are expressed at the time of 20. The conductor resistivity with hard Al wire is not greater than the international standard value of 0.028264.Mm2/m.

Steel core aluminum strand is divided into three levels, that is, the general strength of the steel core aluminum strand; high strength grade steel core aluminum and special high strength grade steel wire.

Product maintenance

Product handling and transportation process should avoid collision and extrusion; product during storage and transportation, cable tray should not be flat; product in reservoir storage should take proof measures.

Aluminium stranded wire and steel core aluminum stranded wire