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Wind energy
With reduction of mineral energy, including coal, petroleum and so on, as well as the enforcement of awareness to protect environment, people are trying to explore and apply renewable energy to realize the social sustainable development. Among all the new energies, wind energy generation is developed fastest, most economic, green and environment-friendly. Wind energy is a kind of available energy because of the air current. It is renewable energy (including hydraulic power, bioenergy and so on.) what the energy coming out from the air current is called wind energy. The bigger the air speed is, the bigger the wind energy will be.
Wind energy cables are mostly applied as the connection line of wind motor. Its applied environment is harsh, which requires the cables are not only with excellent electrical and anti-twisting parameters, but also excellent other parameters, including wear resistance, cold resistance, oil resistance, water resistance, anti-ageing, weather resistance, high waterproof moisture permeability, windproof, antibacterial, antibiosis, anti-ultraviolet radiation and environmental-protection and so on. Cables with excellent parameters can only be produced on the basis of the conditions and requirements of the application sites. Cable types and raw materials shall be chosen strictly and production processes shall be controlled. Meantime, factory tests and all kinds of type tests and sampling tests shall be furnishes so that the wind energy cables can be operated safely and stably in long-term.

Solar cable:

Solar technology will become one of green energy technology in future, and widely applied in china. To build economic and efficient profitability of photovoltaic power plants, it will be the most important goal and core competitiveness for all the solar manufacturers. In the solar power generation system, solar photovoltaic is an indispensable accessories, its role cannot be underestimated.

Solar cable is a kind of special cables used for solar photovoltaic components system, and a kind of electron beam cross linking cable. It is resistant to climate, high temperature resistant, friction resistance and other characteristics. With long service life and high quality of tin plating copper conductor ensures superior conductivity, after electron accelerator radiation crosslinking, insulation and sheath material should suit the insulating performance and mechanical performance is greatly enhanced. Rated tempera of solar cable is 120°C, in the equipment which can withstand harsh climates and withstand mechanical shock. According to international standard IEC216, in outdoor environment, service life of solar cable is 8 times that of the rubber cable, and 32 times compare with PVC cable. These cables and components not only has the best weather resistance, ultraviolet resistance and ozone erosion resistance, and can bear a greater range of temperature change (for example: - 40°C to 125°C).

Rated tempera of solar power cable is 120°C can be used for 20000 hours. This rating is equivalent to 90°C temperature under the condition of continuous use 18 years; When temperature is below 90°C, its service life is longer. The service life of the general solar equipment should be 20 to 30 years.

The outdoor materials selection of solar cable applications should be based on ultraviolet radiation, ozone and chemical erosion, severe temperature changes. Regardless of above factors and applincation of cheap materials, will lead to the cable sheath is fragile, and will also break down the cable insulation. All of these will directly increase the cable system loss, the cable will also increase in the risk of cable short circuit occur. After long-term application,it will be likely to cause fire or personal injury.

Our company based on enterprise spirit of the quality is more important than life, responsibility is more important than Mount Tai, to ensure the quality of cable. Produce a longer service life of products, to save more maintenance costs for customers.

Clean Energy